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Find the right tech for you!

Our main goal is to give students the technology they need. In a world dominated by internet use and other forms of online communication, it is essential for students to have internet access.


If you find a device that suits your needs, be sure to click the respective image! This will redirect you to a page where you can purchase the device.

You are limited to one device per order.  Make sure you leave the name of your school and its district in the notes to us when buying a device. DISCLAIMER: All devices are used, and we are not responsible for the function, up keep, or user error by the purchaser. By purchasing the device you accept this poilcy.

Do you qualify for discounted internet?  Go to:                      and apply to see if you qualify for discounted internet from your service provider.

Each iPhone will be factory reset and disinfected before delivery. We are giving students new opportunities to learn and have access to new technology. After purchasing an iPhone, you will not know the exact model of the iPhone you are receiving. The phone will be in good condition.

Each iPad will be factory reset and disinfected before delivery. After purchasing an iPad, you will not know the exact model of the iPad you are receiving. The tablet will be in good condition, but expect a few dings and bumps.

Each laptop will be factory reset and disinfected before delivery. After purchasing a laptop, you will not know the exact model you will receive. The laptop will be in good condition.


Possibly expect Chromebooks, Macbooks, Macbook Airs, or Microsoft Surfaces.

Desk tops will be hand delivered only due to the high cost of shipping. All will be factory reset and may have to be updated after setting it up. The PC will come with its cords and a monitor if it is donated with them (do not expect to receive a monitor).

As Android phones come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages we will have to selectively decide which ones make it through to you. We only want the best for our users!


You can expect a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, One-Plus, HTC, LG, Microsoft, OPPO.


Overall, expect something nice :)

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